Krimuldas region,
Krimuldas parish, "Jaunzāģeri"

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Welcome on place, where people blend with nature. Jaunzāģeri

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Relaxing boating or recreation full of laughter with friends - pleasure boating along the Gauja or Brasla we provide!


"Floating Island" is an unusual raft - particularly durable, modern and built for those who are important comfort on the water. Reserve now!


Feel the nature of our eco-sleeping wood houses! We offer our holidaymakers three cottages for stay and relax!

Sauna ritual

To be happy, do not need much. Just understand yourself a little bit, and occasionally get out of the everyday world.

Are you a person who is looking for rest untouched nature, then you got to the right place.

Jaunzāģerus is not only popular with holiday makers and families, but also a number of large companies that want to spend their holidays somewhere away from the everyday.

Listening to your desires, we strive every year to carry out improvement works to make your stay even better, smoother and more comfortable.