Krimuldas region,
Krimuldas parish, "Jaunzāģeri"

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Camping Jaunzāģeri is 1000 sq.m. landscaped area on the shore of the river Gauja, Krimulda district, Gauja National Park.

A couple of sentences you want to tell you why you should choose our campsite.

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For your convenience we offer sixteen wooden sheds with roofs, electricity, grill, firewood, toilet near to the river. While prepare a feast for yourself and loved ones, meanwhile, will watch the leisurely river Gauja, river calm stream and ongoing nature.


The campsite you can relax and stay overnight both tent and your car or camper. Similarly, we can stay at "Nature houses."
Getting up in the morning, a leisurely pace with shower, toilet with clean, warm water.


Your peace we have placed six hammocks around the area, and three sun loungers. The area is large, so surely take your own game, good mood, balls, bows or cards. Jaunzageri has several trails and a unique sandy natural object "Ūzas rock". Be sure to bring a basket with a knife, because here you can find delicious mushrooms for dinner and a wide variety of plants, which are given you besides a healthy soup or smoothie.

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Camping rates per day:

 Price  EUR  
 Adult  10
 Kid ( 4 - 12 year)  5
 Shower per person  3
 Parking place  3
 Caravan per person  10

Camping rates from 9:00 to 20:00

Price per day EUR
 Adult 5
Kid ( 4 - 12 year) 3
Shower per person 3
Parking place 1

For camping visitors we are offer to order breakfast or dinner for additional price.