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Wooden raft 'floating island'

If you want to take time to spend time talking with friends, colleagues or family, safe trip along the Gauja we offer rafts "floating island". Raft is 3x6 m stable patio deck boards on plastic pontoons. Raft it controlled with two oars and equipped with a table, chairs, barbecue and sun puff. If necessary, participants are issued a raft life jackets.

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Floating island has a load capacity of up to 12 people. Driving with a raft can actively spend time preparing a meal for himself and teammates in drive speed is quite slow and leisurely.

Floating island possible routes:

Route Km Days Price EUR
Līgatne - Jaunzāģeri  15  1  300
Jaunzāģeri - camping "Dainas" 10 1 300
Cēsis - Jaunzāģeri  30  2  400

The price includes fitted raft rental and removal of passengers to and from the trip destination to the starting point.

Rubber rafts

If the wooden raft you seem a little too large, then the rubber raft is a very convenient way to spend a leisurely time smaller groups of 6-10 people.

Route Km Days Price EUR
 Līgatne - Jaunzāģeri  15  1  90
 Cēsis - Jaunzāģeri  30  1  120


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 For more information on the raft rental and reservation please make by phone +371 22002033 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.