Krimuldas region,
Krimuldas parish, "Jaunzāģeri"

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Sauna, having a moment

"To be happy, do not need much. Just understand yourself a little bit, and the occasional escape from the everyday world."

Sauna lovers we can offer exclusive black sauna expierence. Sauna feud going with alder wood stove and stones heat up there for 2 hours with one firing time.
Inside the sauna feel comfortable up to 6 people, but also can visit a number of groups of people.
Sauna rental price 80 €.

pirts kolaza


We are one of the few that can offer a specially designed bath ritual with a professional, certified sauna master Linda Krūmiņa.
Sauna procedure usually lasts from 3-5 hours. Price for person is 70 EUR, but for couple 120 EUR.

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